Your family holiday at the Kaiserhof

Impressive mountains, green meadows and wild waters: Holidays are always an adventure – especially for children!

In the Wilder Kaiser family region, several adventure parks fulfil children's dreams and provide entertainment and variety. Enjoy a wonderful, relaxed family holiday in Ellmau and the surrounding region!

Ellmi's World of Magic

On the “Hartkaiser” in Ellmau, right above our five star superior hotel, Ellmi's World of Magic takes you on a mystical journey in the footsteps of the sorcerer's apprentice Ellmi, who has been turned into a big frog by goblins. To set him free, his young followers get a treasure map and have to solve magical tasks on the serpentine paths of the magical world. It is important not to be distracted when the talking trees try to mislead you.

On the educational nature trails in Ellmi's World of Magic, visitors will experience botany classes in nature, where medicinal plants grow right next to their descriptions and herbs have to be identified by their smell on the aroma path. Ellmi's World of Magic invites you to learn about nature while playing and to explore it with all your senses.


Hexenwasser Söll

The mountain adventure park “Hexenwasser” fascinates children and adults with gentle nature games and shows:

Austria's longest barefoot path leads through purling water and over grass, bark mulch and massaging stones, past the fire place and the “jumping water”. There's a lot to try out – like wading through knee-deep moors, sticking the head into the “humming stone” or making the stone harp ring, for example. Fabricate your witches’ brooms our coin or grind your lucky stone in the witches’ workshop: Every visitor can conjure up his personal memory! Altogether, there are 60 stations that address all your senses.


KaiserWorld Scheffau

In the KaiserWorld on the Brandstadl near Scheffau, located at 1,650 m above sea level, a cheerful “Game emperor” invites children in his castle and kingdom, where they can play, clamber and romp around as they like.

An athlete’s parcours is at the centre of the KaiserWorld. Also a hike through the enchanted forest and the views from the tree huts pay off. Or, challenge your creativity in the imperial handicrafts workshop.


Hohe Salve

A magnificent view of the Wilder Kaiser can be enjoyed from the top of the Hohe Salve, one of the most beautiful panorama mountains in Tyrol, at 1,829 metres above Söll. The “Sonnenuhrenweg” (Sundial path) that circles the summit leads the visitors through 15 stops, providing them with both exciting and entertaining information on the history of timekeeping.

The sound of the wind harp on the Hohe Salve is an invitation to all hikers to have a rest and listen to it. Also to be found on the summit is the “Salvenkirchlein” (Salven chapel), the highest pilgrimage church in Austria. A visit fits in beautifully with a hike in the Wilder Kaiser region.


Lake Filzalm Hochbrixen

Located at 1,300 metres above sea level, Lake Filzalm is a real jewel of the Kitzbühel Alps. Here, the senses are stimulated naturally and sharpened for adventures in the mountains. Visitors can experience the moor biotope in different ways – directly by traversing the “wading pond” and the “moor pool”, or indirectly by studying the informative display cases. Walk along the panorama paths around the lake and refresh yourself from head to toe with foot reflexology massages and Kneipp arm baths.


Alpinolino Westendorf

Alpinolino, the Alpine discovery park at the Talkaser near Westendorf in the Brixental, combines nature studies lessons with firsthand experiences in an original way.
Compete with squirrels and rabbits in the long jump or pass the “marmot rally”, try the touch box, the scent organ or the tree telephone. The Alpinolino mountain guide “Schlauberger” turns the whole family into nature detectives.


Swimming lake Going

The swimming lake Going, located on the edge of the forest with a view of the Wilder Kaiser, was elected the most beautiful natural bathing lake in Tyrol.

By the flat, white beach, the water warms up to pleasant 24 degrees. The bath has a separate non-swimmers bay and two water slides that guarantee great bathing fun. The little ones can play and romp around in the “pirate ship”, while the adults take a sunbath on the 50,000 m² sunbathing lawn. The bath also includes the “JoeRassics Beacharena”, the largest beach volleyball facility in western Austria.


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