Ellmis Zauberwelt

On the Hartkaiser in Ellmau, Ellmi's Zauberwelt takes you on a mystical journey in the tracks of Ellmi the sorcerer's apprentice, who has been turned into a giant frog by the elves.

To set him free his young followers have a treasure map and have to do several tasks along the convoluted path full of surprises in the magical kingdom. It still applies in this mountain adventure world that you should not let yourself be lured off the path, even if talking trees suggest otherwise. The nature educational trail in Ellmi's Zauberwelt is full of completely different treasures and mysteries.

With a view of the Wilder Kaiser the mountain visitor gets a natural botany lesson, of the medicinal plants growing next to their description or smelling and trying to identify herbs on the aroma path. Ellmi's Zauberwelt in the Kitzbühler Alps opens up your eyes, ears and nose and makes you realise that the old farmers' remedies can be very entertaining!

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