Our water worlds

Plunge in and regenerate

Regain your strength and vitality in our water worlds and feel the cleansing, refreshing, soothing and inspiring effect of this most vital element.

Infinity Pool

The expansion of our SPA is going to raise our offer once again: One of the biggest highlights is going to be our luxurious “Unlimited Mountain Pool”! The Wilder Kaiser is going to be within reach …

Adults only.

Panorama swimming pool

Our white and royal blue panorama swimming pool with views of the Wilder Kaiser: A true eye-catcher! An attractive waterfall in the centre of the bath, a massage bench and a counter-current system ensure great bathing fun. Take time to rest and enjoy the view!

Natural swimming lake

Our idyllic natural bathing lake also provides a fantastic view of the Wilder Kaiser. Drift in the pure, warm water or take an easy swim training using the countercurrent system. Lie back on one of the soft loungers and listen to the gentle sound of the summer breeze blowing through the grasses

A special for our guests: Revitalised Grander water runs from all our taps.