Beauty & Spa

Elements of living

In our spa zone you'll find many facilities and options certain to allow you to find rest and relaxation. In addition, our spa staff will pamper you in our 5-Star Wellnesshotel in Tirol with wellness treatments and finely tuned spa programmes.

Get away from everyday monotony. Enter your personal reward programme. Anti-aging is so yesterday, the future belongs to individual energy and wellness ideas with preventive character. Away from treatments every half hour towards a holistic responsibility for your own beauty. Because true beauty is not just in the eye of the beholder, but more than anything comes from inside. With our new Beauty Department we can now provide you with optimal support on this path!

Beauty farm

Old wisdoms, new applications. We will put together a personal regeneration programme just for you.


Ayurveda is more than just spoiling you with warm oils, it is the oldest form of preventive medicine.

Facial treatments

In the Kaiserhof you have the freedom to simply enjoy.

Body treatments

A refreshing experience for body and spirit.


Classic massage for pure wellbeing; rituals and techniques for pleasure, health and recreation.

Spa center

Refuge of stillness. Forget the stress of everyday and dive into a world of placidness, a world in which you find strength and peace.

Aroma bath

We spoil your body…


For soft hands.

The hands as a mirror of the soul should feel very comfortable with your wellness holidays.

Wellness package offers

Find your inner tranquillity, leave behind the daily hectic pace and really enjoy your life.


Treat yourself to new forms of wellbeing.

Indoor pool

Our swimming pool of mosaic tiles in white and royal blue with a marvellous panorama view is a real eye-opener.

Biological pool

Idyllic natural surroundings and a paradise of water.

Grander water

Johann Grander’s water revitalisation rebuilds the original stability and order of water.


Who doesn’t know the problem of one’s hair?

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