Kaiserhof Cookbook

2o years of Kaiserhof - the time has finally come: The first cookbook from our chef Günter Lampert appeared just in time for the anniversary celebration on 28 May 2014!

A touch of the fine cuisine of the Chef of the Year 2011 finds its way to the reader’s kitchens. Of course, it is not an “ordinary” cookbook. The meaningful title of the book: “Von der Natur des Genießens” (“On the nature of enjoyment”). More than 50 recipes – all of them specialities from Mr. Lampert’s kitchen – are accompanied by stories from the Kaiserhof, researched and written down by Daria Biezunski-Vitásek in a humorous and sparkling way. Being a regular guest of our hotel, she has a lot to tell from 20 years of Kaiserhof.