“On the nature of enjoyment“: Recipes & stories from the Kaiserhof

A varied cross section of appetisers, soups, main courses and desserts from the Kaiserhof chef

Over many years, people kept approaching Günter Lampert with the same question: When would the time be ripe for his own cookbook? He never wanted to write an “ordinary” cookbook. It had to be a very special book including special stories and memories for everyone who knew him and the gourmet hotel Kaiserhof. After 20 years, the time was ripe. The result is impressive!
Nicely presented and described and in a way that makes them easy to cook, the recipes will inspire cooking enthusiasts and remind our guests of their stay at the Kaiserhof.

The recipes are accompanied by humorous and jovial stories and accounts from the Kaiserhof – researched and written down by Daria Biezunski-Vitásek in a humorous and sparkling way. Being a regular guest of our hotel, she is a reliable source.

Résumé: “On the nature of enjoyment” is an excellent read, offering not only 50 fine recipes, but also an insight into the spirit at and the history of our hotel.

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